Meet Mr. Colombia

//Meet Mr. Colombia

Meet Mr Colombia
Though a gifted tattoo artist, Mr. Colombia was burdened with alcohol dependency for years. He has his art to thank for rescuing him. Alcohol prevented him from practicing the art he loved. He knew in his heart that his fate lay in art and that he was harming himself, his loved ones, and risking his art by drinking.

Meet Mr. ColombiaMr Colombia found his way to sobriety. He now considers himself addicted to his art. To commemorate his victor over liquor and to symbolize his complete dedication to his passion, he christened his new studio in 2007, Inkaholik Tattoos. He is now a premier tattoo entrepreneur in Miami.

Just Ink or True Body Art
The word “tattoo” has become synonymous with the word “ink”, though experience tells us that there is a substantial difference. Too often we see examples of “ink” delivered by a poor tattoo artist. We’ve all seen them: mysterious blotches, poorly executed figures, even misspellings; these are permanent mistakes and deserve the appellation “ink.”

When you visit one of Mr Colombia’s establishments, a tattoo artist works directly with you on your design. Sure, you can select from one of the hundreds of design samples in the parlor, or you can challenge us with a new design. We create “body art”; personal masterpieces for you to carry with you, display and treasure.

You don’t “get inked” at the Church or the Chapel, samples of Mr Colombia’s tattoo entrepreneur activities. You and your artist create body art that fits your personality and meets the high quality demanded by Mr. Colombia.

Award-Winning Art
Mr. Colombia has a personal motto: Find what you love and let it kill you. Following this creed, he practices his art 14-16 hours each day. Since he began tattooing in 1999, he has developed his eye, his understanding of perspective and mastered creating art on the human canvas.

Mr Colombia has garnered over one hundred awards for his art. If you take a minute to examine the list of competitors in the local area, you will better understand the magnitude of that distinction. Why go to a tattoo parlor with no awards?

Is it Safe?
His experience with alcohol taught Mr. Colombia that life is precious as are life’s gifts, such as his creativity. He is a family man espousing traditional values and would not endanger his customers anymore than he would his family.

With this foundation, Inkaholik Tattoos does all it can to make your experience safe and positive. This includes having all the equipment in the establishments spore-treated by an independent third party expert every, single week. Needles are single use items and only the best pigments and inks are permitted into the shops. Our artists are trained in the latest sanitary procedures and our parlors are impeccably clean.

There is always a possibility of infection when you have a tattoo because the skin is open. However, we are committed to taking every precaution to prevent infection or any adverse experience.

Following the procedures outlined for you after you receive your tattoo is essential. Often neglect of this process leads to infection, but in our experience in Inkaholik Tattoos, that experience is rare.

Visit Us
Come down and visit the Church and the Chapel; meet our artists, chat with Mr. Colombia about his many years of experience and see how the process is carefully executed. We are sure you will be impressed with the examples of our work and our methodologies.