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Tattoos and Piercing Frequent Asked Questions

Q: This is my first time getting a tattoo or a piercing, how do I get one?

Although we welcome any walk-in tattoo clients or piercing clients, we encourage you to plan your visit to our INKAHOLIK Miami tattoo shop. Try to get some ideas about what tattoo design or piercing that you want and how you want your tattoo design or piercing to look on your body. Then, we invite you to come into the INKAHOLIK Miami tattoo shop and view our many references, tattoo design examples, and tattoo and piercing photo books of each artist work for inspiration or clarification of your ideas. Choose an INKAHOLIK Miami tattoo or a piercing artist whose work or energy you like. Now you are ready to come in or call and set up a consultation with the INKAHOLIK Miami tattoo or piercing artist you chose, and he/she will be glad to help realize your vision.

Tattoos and Piercing Frequent Asked Questions

Q: Once I’ve decided I want a tattoo or piercing, how does the process work?

After your initial consultation, the INKAHOLIK Miami tattoo artists will take a deposit and draw a design for your tattoo. When you approve the drawing, you will set up an appointment to begin your new (or first!) tattoo piece. If you change your mind, be sure to call our INKAHOLIK Miami tattoo shop and give us at least 2-3 days notice so your INKAHOLIK Miami tattoo artist can book the time he/she held open for you. Since many of us book our tattoo clients weeks in advance, the sooner you are able to cancel your tattoo the better.

Q: How do I prepare for my appointment?

On the day of the appointment, we ask our INKAHOLIK Miami tattoo shop customers not to consume alcohol or aspirin. Please be sober-minded and healthy. These conditions will ensure the best possible start for your tattoo or body art and help make the INKAHOLIK Miami tattoo experience positive. How well your tattoo heals has everything to do with how well you take care of it afterward, so be prepared to follow the aftercare instructions your INKAHOLIK Miami tattoo artist provides. Your INKAHOLIK Miami tattoo artist will touch up your skin art after it is healed (usually for free). We want you to be absolutely happy with your new INKAHOLIK Miami tattoo or body art.

Q: Is there enough parking access in your Miami tattoo shop?

Our Miami tattoo shop is located in a Bird Road 40 Street shopping center, located just east of 87th avenue. Our INKAHOLIK Miami tattoo shop customers can park in front of our INKAHOLIK Miami tattoo shop, or also park in the side of our INKAHOLIK Miami tattoo shop.

Q: How safe are tattoos ?

Many people have concerns about the safety of receiving a tattoo. At Inkaholik Miami tattoo shop, we are serious about our cleanliness and sterilization procedures. Our autoclaves and other INKAHOLIK Miami tattoo shop equipment are spore-tested by a third party laboratory every week, needles are never re-used, and we use only the highest quality inks and pigments. Our INKAHOLIK Miami tattoo artists will be happy to discuss any concerns that you may have about tattoo shop safety. It is important to us that you are safe in our INKAHOLIK Miami tattoo shop.

Q: Does getting a tattoo in your INKAHOLIK Miami tattoo shop hurt?

No, as a general rule, it doesn’t hurt. However, people experience pain in different ways, and some places on the body hurt more than others. Most people find that the fear of

getting a tattoo is far worse than the pain they actually experience. All kinds of people get a tattoo or body art, and almost everyone is able to tolerate the sensation. Some people even find that they really like getting a tattoo!

Q: Do customers ever have to stop partway through a tattoo design due to pain?

Although tolerances for pain differ from person to person, we haven’t yet had a client in our INKAHOLIK Miami tattoo shop who asked us to stop the tattoo process due to excessive pain.

Q: How do I pay for the tattoo?

Your deposit will go toward your last session, and you pay for each session when it’s finished. Our INKAHOLIK Miami Tattoo shop accepts major credit cards and (preferably) cash.

Q: What about tipping?

It’s common practice to tip your INKAHOLIK Miami tattoo shop artist if you are happy with your tattoo, or feel you got extra attention. If you can afford it, a good tip is 15-20%, just like a restaurant, but our INKAHOLIK Miami tattoo shop welcomes any gesture of appreciation.

Q: How should I care for my new tattoo?

Our INKAHOLIK Miami Tattoo Shop wants you to have the best experience with your new tattoo possible. If you have any questions about your new INKAHOLIK Miami tattoo, please take a look at our INKAHOLIK Miami Tattoo and Piercing Aftercare Page and read the instructions.

Q: What are some of the possible complications if I get a tattoo ?

Many people are worried about the possibility of getting an infection from getting a tattoo. It is very, very rare for a person in good health who takes good care of their tattoo to get an infection. However, some people do have a reaction to the inks, or (more often) to the ointment or lotion used during the healing process. When this happens, the tattoo may become itchy, or a pimply rash may develop. These reactions are not serious, but they can affect the way the tattoo looks when it heals, and they are sometimes uncomfortable. People most commonly react to red inks. Contact our INKAHOLIK Miami Tattoo shop for more information.

Q: Can I bring a friend with me for support?

Although our INKAHOLIK Miami tattoo shop is sometimes crowded, we will accommodate any guests you bring along for moral support. Our INKAHOLIK Miami tattoo shop waiting area has one of the most comfortable seating areas in Miami.