Tattoo Buyer's Guide

Tattoo Buyer’s Guide: What You Should Know Before Getting Ink

Tattoo Buyer’s Guide: What You Should Know Before Getting Ink Does the thought of getting your first tattoo cause your body to flood with emotions? Most people, when they decide that a tattoo is in their future, begin to immediately formulate different font sizes, images that could be displayed, the colors that they may want to incorporate, and the underlying message. If you’re ready to take the plunge and get some professional ink, here’s what we recommend that you consider. Allocating

small tattoo ideas

Small Tattoo Ideas for a Discrete Tattoo

Have you ever wanted a tattoo, but were afraid of being too flashy? Unfortunately, tattoos are still taboo to some people. Depending on your job, flashy tattoos might not even be allowed. Luckily, there are still ways you can express yourself through tattoos and remain discrete at the same time. Small tattoos have become extremely popular in the past few years. Celebrities from Kylie Jenner to Vanessa Hudgens have been showing off their tiny tattoos hidden in discrete places, like the side

Women with Tattoos

Women with Tattoos: What You Should Know

When a woman changes her hairstyle, gets a new outfit, or completes an intense workout, she feels great about herself. Of course, every woman is different and these examples are just some of the things women can do to boost their self-esteem. A positive self-image can come from several sources: the positive opinions of friends and loved ones, flattering clothing, professional success, and more. However, it’s important to realize that self-esteem should primarily come from within. A woman who feels

The Art Behind Body Piercing

The Art Behind Body Piercing

Introduction Body piercing is an artificial form of beauty. As simple as the piercings might appear on pictures or your friend, you need to take caution when deciding where and who will do your piercings. Like tattoo art, there are several forms of piercings you can do on different parts of your body. The piercings also come in different sizes, and the level of pain on each part of your body is different. If you want to get any piercing on

tattoo quotes

Here’s What You Need to Know Before Getting Tattoo Quotes

Choosing the Right One for You Tattoos are one of the rare things on this planet that are permanent. It’s something that will stick with you for the rest of your life so you better choose wisely. When most people head into a shop, they’ve already dreamed up an idea. They’ve chosen something that’s special to them, invokes a positive memory, or is perhaps a memorial to someone else. No matter what the reason, it’s something they want to display proudly

Tattoo Cover-Ups

Everything You Need to Know About Tattoo Cover-Ups

Everything You Need to Know About Tattoo Cover-Ups There are many reasons for people to want to cover their old tattoos. Some people have tats done by non-professionals that simply don’t look good. Other people no longer love “Shannon,” “Chris” or “Jim” and don’t want their names on their bodies. Still, others simply have old tattoos no longer significant to them, and they want a change. Whatever the reason, cover-up tattoos are a huge part of the tattooing industry. Here’s what you

face tattoos

Tattoo Artists are Decorating More Faces These Days

Tattoo Artists are Decorating More Faces These Days What do people do when their arms, legs, chest, and back have been filled with tattoos? Some of these people begin new work on their faces. If you have tattoos on your hands, neck, and face, there is a unique name for you. Professionals refer to you as ‘job stoppers.’ This is because face tattoos, particularly, cut down the number of job opportunities for your future. Many employers do not like this look.

Tattoos for Girls Miami

Tattoos for Girls

Tattoos for Girls In the past, girls did not traditionally have tattoos. Tattoos were typically reserved for men, and girls with tattoos were considered masculine or just “different”. Tattoos were even considered a symbol of having been in prison or in a gang. However, those days are over! Tattoos are now considered mainstream, and boys and girls alike have plenty. Looking for a tattoo idea for yourself, or for a loved one? Look no further – below is a list of

What Elements Make Tattoos Awesome for Men

What Elements Make Tattoos Awesome for Men?

What Elements Make Tattoos Awesome for Men? It’s official: Ink has never been more in vogue! As the popularity of tattoos is skyrocketing, guys everywhere are trying to capitalize on the ravishing trend. With this sudden influx of artistic competition, it takes a special design to make a striking impact. To help you acquire a masterful edge, here are five vital ingredients for maximizing the masculinity of your next emblem: 1. Authenticity Awesome tattoos for men share one universal trait, and it’s called

Sexy Back Tattoos for Women

Sexy Back Tattoos for Women

Sexy Back Tattoos for Women The back is the largest ‘canvas’ or area for tattoos on the human body. This is especially true for women since we do not have flat and frequently exposed chests as men do. As such, with tattoos rising in popularity, back tattoos for women have skyrocketed. On the back, the lower back is the most common area for women to get tattoos. While lower back tattoos have a very salacious connotation, it’s for purely practical reasons. Between