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Tattoo Artists are Decorating More Faces These Days

Tattoo Artists are Decorating More Faces These Days What do people do when their arms, legs, chest, and back have been filled with tattoos? Some of these people begin new work on their faces. If you have tattoos on your hands, neck, and face, there is a unique name for you. Professionals refer to you as ‘job stoppers.’ This is because face tattoos, particularly, cut down the number of job opportunities for your future. Many employers do not like this look.

Tattoos for Girls Miami

Tattoos for Girls

Tattoos for Girls In the past, girls did not traditionally have tattoos. Tattoos were typically reserved for men, and girls with tattoos were considered masculine or just “different”. Tattoos were even considered a symbol of having been in prison or in a gang. However, those days are over! Tattoos are now considered mainstream, and boys and girls alike have plenty. Looking for a tattoo idea for yourself, or for a loved one? Look no further – below is a list of

What Elements Make Tattoos Awesome for Men

What Elements Make Tattoos Awesome for Men?

What Elements Make Tattoos Awesome for Men? It’s official: Ink has never been more in vogue! As the popularity of tattoos is skyrocketing, guys everywhere are trying to capitalize on the ravishing trend. With this sudden influx of artistic competition, it takes a special design to make a striking impact. To help you acquire a masterful edge, here are five vital ingredients for maximizing the masculinity of your next emblem: 1. Authenticity Awesome tattoos for men share one universal trait, and it’s called

Sexy Back Tattoos for Women

Sexy Back Tattoos for Women

Sexy Back Tattoos for Women The back is the largest ‘canvas’ or area for tattoos on the human body. This is especially true for women since we do not have flat and frequently exposed chests as men do. As such, with tattoos rising in popularity, back tattoos for women have skyrocketed. On the back, the lower back is the most common area for women to get tattoos. While lower back tattoos have a very salacious connotation, it’s for purely practical reasons. Between

Female Genital Piercing

Female Genital Piercing: Some Facts

Some experts take issue with the term “vaginal piercings.” They note it is inaccurate. So for the sake of accuracy, we will use the phrase “female genital piercing” (FGP). Top Two Female Genital Piercings For Additional Stimulation 2. The Triangle Piercing The second most popular female genital piercing for added stimulation during sexual intercourse is the well-known triangle piercing. The only reason this takes second place is that statistically fewer females are actually built for this piercing choice. With this piercing, the woman’s

Hand TattoosHand Tattoos

Hand Tattoos

Hand Tattoos For some tattoo lovers, proudly displaying tattoos on hand to the public is something they would refuse to do. People in occupations such as healthcare, teaching, or customer service may actually have their ability to have hand tattoos severely limited by their company’s dress code. But for other tattoo lovers, the ability to proudly display their individuality through the right design on their hands is something they feel compelled to do. If you do decide that a hand tattoo

The Different Meanings of Geometric Tattoos

The Different Meanings of Geometric Tattoos

Tattoos usually carry very personal meanings behind them. You may choose a tattoo that remind you of an event, a friend, or an emotion.  Outside of personal symbology, many tattoo designs have commonly accepted meanings as well. Geometric tattoo meanings come from cultures across the world and are used to represent spiritual, cultural, or emotional significance. As you decide what your next tattoo will be, consider including some of the following symbology in your design. The Different Meanings of Geometric Tattoos Elemental

Tattoos on Fingers

Tattoos on Fingers Encourage Creativity

Here’s Why Finger Tattoos are All the Rage It can safely be said that tattoos are more popular today than they have been at any other point in history—and there’re quite a few reasons why this is the case. Contemporary tattoo artists are well-versed and capable, contemporary designs are outstanding, and contemporary prices are fantastically affordable. With this in mind, it shouldn’t be difficult to understand why knowledge of tattoos is so extensive; a variety of individuals and professionals are interested in

Popular Options for Choosing Your Next Piercing

Popular Options for Choosing Your Next Piercing

Popular Options for Choosing Your Next Piercing People get new piercings as ways of expressing themselves, making statements, and of course, just to switch up their look a bit. It can be difficult to decide what new piercing to get, especially because there are countless options. Of course, typical ear lobe piercings and nose piercings are seen most often; however, there are many other bodies and facial piercings that can make a statement. Moving up from the simple piercings, there have

Tattoo Trends for 2019

Tattoo Trends for 2019 When looking for a new tattoo idea, people will look for what celebrities have, or may even look on websites like Pinterest, Tumblr or investigate image searches in web search engines like Google for inspiration. What may be in the media or on your favorite movie star or music artist, may or may not be right for you. Here is a listing of the hottest tattoo trends of 2019 that are heating up not only in the