The Different Meanings of Geometric Tattoos

The Different Meanings of Geometric Tattoos

Tattoos usually carry very personal meanings behind them. You may choose a tattoo that remind you of an event, a friend, or an emotion.  Outside of personal symbology, many tattoo designs have commonly accepted meanings as well. Geometric tattoo meanings come from cultures across the world and are used to represent spiritual, cultural, or emotional significance. As you decide what your next tattoo will be, consider including some of the following symbology in your design. The Different Meanings of Geometric Tattoos Elemental

Tattoos on Fingers

Tattoos on Fingers Encourage Creativity

Here’s Why Finger Tattoos are All the Rage It can safely be said that tattoos are more popular today than they have been at any other point in history—and there’re quite a few reasons why this is the case. Contemporary tattoo artists are well-versed and capable, contemporary designs are outstanding, and contemporary prices are fantastically affordable. With this in mind, it shouldn’t be difficult to understand why knowledge of tattoos is so extensive; a variety of individuals and professionals are interested in

Popular Options for Choosing Your Next Piercing

Popular Options for Choosing Your Next Piercing People get new piercings as ways of expressing themselves, making statements, and of course, just to switch up their look a bit. It can be difficult to decide what new piercing to get, especially because there are countless options. Of course, typical ear lobe piercings and nose piercings are seen most often; however, there are many other bodies and facial piercings that can make a statement. Moving up from the simple piercings, there have

Tattoo Trends for 2019

Tattoo Trends for 2019 When looking for a new tattoo idea, people will look for what celebrities have, or may even look on websites like Pinterest, Tumblr or investigate image searches in web search engines like Google for inspiration. What may be in the media or on your favorite movie star or music artist, may or may not be right for you. Here is a listing of the hottest tattoo trends of 2019 that are heating up not only in the

Female Tattoo Artists

4 Reasons You Want Your Next Tattoo Artist To Be Female

Female Tattoo Artists There is a reason tattoo artist are called artists. The same way that van Gogh had a very different style from Michelangelo or Botticelli, the best tattoo artists develop a unique signature and style. Every artist you work with is going to bring something different to the table, but working with a woman may provide the best results of all. Here are 4 reasons you want your next tattoo artist to be female. 1. Female artists have a unique perspective Art

Celebrity Tattoo Artists: Trendsetting Pioneers In the World Of Ink

Let’s be honest; tattoos are sexy, trendy, head-turning works of body and facial art, and celebrities have set tattoo standards like no others. Ink remains extremely popular and isn’t going anywhere, thanks to the brilliance of celebrity tattoo artists. Tattoos have become a multi-billion dollar business. These talented professionals have taken the ink industry to an entirely new and sophisticated level. These “inkaholiks” are in high demand and bring their A-game to the table each time, and no one does it better

Watercolor Tattoos

What are Watercolor Tattoos?

Watercolor tattoos are a growing trend in the tattoo industry, and they are an increasingly popular choice for both male and female patrons of tattoo parlors. Based on their appearance, these tattoos are commonly misperceived as a separate kind of tattoo altogether, one that necessitates an entirely different method of application. However, these tattoos are created using the same needling process as traditional tattoo artwork. The only major artistic difference is found in the shading and coloring techniques used during

The Who, Why, and What of Couple Tattoos

Who gets couples tattoos? Some may be surprised to learn that people in all demographics get matching couple tattoos. The image of the rebellious and foolish in love pairing getting matching his and hers ink might be the stereotype, but it is far from the norm. Romantic couples, families, and friend groups are frequent recipients of coordinating or matching tattoos. Young, middle-aged, or old, people want to show their commitment to those they love. Why a couple tattoo? This question can be

Neo Traditional Tattoos

Neo Traditional Tattoo Designs

Inkaholiks is an award winning tattoo shop in Miami, Florida. The specialists here are experienced and talented in body art, piercings, and tattoo. When making the commitment to place a tattoo on your body, no matter how large or small, it will play a large part in your life – you should rely on the experts at Inkaholiks tattoo shop. The artists here can do neo-traditional, water color, black/grey, color realism, and black work. They will assist you in making

Personalized Lettering Tattoos

Lots of people want to get tattoos. However, they might be interested in getting inspired. Some people have been dreaming about a particular tattoo for years. Other people need to see what other individuals have done first. Seeing the work of tattoo artists can help. Lettering tattoos can be very exciting. Some people think that all tattoos should involve pictures. However, it’s possible to make lettering tattoos wonderfully artistic. Tattoo artists can create their own unique fonts. The specific type of