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small tattoo ideas

Small Tattoo Ideas for a Discrete Tattoo

Have you ever wanted a tattoo, but were afraid of being too flashy? Unfortunately, tattoos are still taboo to some people. Depending on your job, flashy tattoos might not even be allowed. Luckily, there are still ways you can express yourself through

Women with Tattoos

Women with Tattoos: What You Should Know

  Women with Tattoos When a woman changes her hairstyle, gets a new outfit, or completes an intense workout, she feels great about herself. Of course, every woman is different and these examples are just some of the things women can do

The Art Behind Body Piercing

The Art Behind Body Piercing

Introduction Body piercing is an artificial form of beauty. As simple as the piercings might appear on pictures or your friend, you need to take caution when deciding where and who will do your piercings. Like tattoo art, there are several

Tattoos for Girls Miami

Tattoos for Girls

Tattoos for Girls In the past, girls did not traditionally have tattoos. Tattoos were typically reserved for men, and girls with tattoos were considered masculine or just “different”. Tattoos were even considered a symbol of having been in prison or in