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Japanese Tattoos Are Not Only For Yakuza Gangsters

Japanese Tattoos Are Not Only For Yakuza Gangsters How these Tattoos Started? The Japanese tattoo has a colorful and exciting culture. Each of these Japanese tattoos reveals a person’s status in society. These indelible skin marks may look disgusting to many people.

What are Blackwork Tattoos?

You’ve been surfing around on Pinterest, talking to friends, and checking out everyone’s ink at the gym. You’re ready to go book an appointment to get tattooed, but you’re not sold on a style. There are a million to choose

Before and After Cover Up Tattoos

Cover Up Tattoos Things to Consider When Getting a Cover Up Tattoo Are you embarrassed of that unicorn tattoo you got back in college? Or perhaps the girlfriend whose name you inked on your chest three years ago is now an “ex”

Best Ideas for Color Realism Tattoos

A tattoo can have a deeper meaning or be something that simply looks cool. Dynamic scenes can make for some of the best color realism tattoos because they allow for play between foreground and background images that can make a

Black and Grey Tattoo Ideas

Few types of tattoos have the commanding appearance of the black-and-grey style tattoo. This method of tattooing originated in the prison system as an alternative to traditional color tattoos. Because inmates could not visit tattoo parlors, they used the resources

Best Tribal Tattoo Designs

One of the most popular designs in the tattoo world is tribal tattoos. Tattoos with tribal designs come from ancient tribal art and are often seen as a social status symbol or as a way to depict rites of passage.

Sexy Tattoos Below The Belt

Playful, bold, basic or simply breathtaking, tattoos below the belt are sexy. The professional tattoo artists at Inkaholik Tattoos Miami can create a stunning skin display in ways you’ve never dreamed. Sexy tattoos under the belt are not to be overrated. More

Discreet Tattoos Ideas

Discreet Tattoos Equal The Perfect Touch And Mean So Much When it comes to the art of inking, sometimes discreet tattoos are strongly desired. The word “discreet” means something inconspicuous, subtle, unassuming, restrained, etc. There are moments we value those kinds

Best Love Tattoo Designs

It has finally happened to you. Or maybe it’s happening again. Your knees are weak, cheeks are flushed and your heart beats to the hypnotic drums of love. You want the whole world to know. What better way to express