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Pet Memorial Tattoos

Pet Memorial Tattoos

Do you need inspiration for your pet’s memorial tattoo? It is difficult letting go of your furry companion, and you may need something to remind you of them and the good memories shared. Luckily, pet memorial tattoos act as excellent reminders. When your beloved animal has moved on to a better place, you can memorialize them with a pet tattoo.

Apart from being tribute symbols, pet tattoos express your feelings. There is no better way to express your emotions than getting a tattoo portrait of your beloved pet. You carry with you the memories daily, and you might be looking for something to remember them by. This message may mean nothing to others but is very dear to you.


Memorial Pet Tattoo Placement

Creating a pet memorial tattoo on your body symbolizes a strong tribute and love for your pet. There are no restrictions to pet tattoos whatsoever. Placing a tattoo on some parts of the body is more appealing when compared to other areas. The main aspects to consider in deciding a pet memorial tattoo placement include:

  • The size of the tattoo
  • Body parts to place the tattoo
  • Memorial tattoo design
  • Tattoo message and image

The best areas to place your small pet memorial tattoos are your ankle, forearm, and wrist. Place large pet tattoos on the chest, thigh, rib cage, upper arm, and calf.


Types of Memorial Pet Tattoos

Below are some of the most used pet memorial tattoos. They represent feelings, emotions, and shared moments between the pets and their owners.

  1. Heart and Paw Print – This is a detailed pet memorial tattoo with a realistic pet paw print. The heart sign provides an emotional attachment to the pet.
  2. Pet and Flowers – Lay your pet to rest in a bed of beautiful flowers. This is a moving pet memorial tattoo that needs an expert artist to pull off well.
  3. Infinity Paw Print – Show your endless love for your pet with its two paws, a heart, and an infinity symbol. The memorial tattoo means you are all joined forever by your shared memories.
  4. Colorful Tattoos – Keeping the actual picture of the pet keeps your memories fresh. These pet tattoos require proper placing to communicate a lot to the pet owner. The colored photo captures the pet showing its back to mean moving on from its current life.
  5. Hand to Paw – Affectionately capture your pet paw-fiving you. The message depicts undeniable love between you and the pet. Conversely, it may also mean the pet’s final goodbyes.
  6. Heart and Pet Outline – This is a simple, yet stylish, way of showing love to your pet. The art reduces the pet to a simple line looking at a friend with pure love.
  7. Paw Print Heart Trail – It is a simple memorial tattoo that matches the trails of a paw and a heart. Using this tattoo is a promise to always keep the pet in your heart.
  8. Secret Paw Print – Hidden paw tattoos are ultimately unique and discrete. This art is not only cute, but it is also a conversational starter.
  9. Friends Forever – This tattoo design merges the friendship your pets had. The art uses minimalist lines that form a comprehensive message.
  10. Floral Pet Design – This profile portrait is a display of affection, elegance, and love for your pet. Through the lavish display, the art passes a heartwarming message.

These pet memorial tattoos represent the most used designs. Others exist that may match your need. Since you understand your relationship with the departed pet, use your preferred tattoo designs. In any case, you know your pet best. Capture the tattoo the best way you believe it is honoring your pet.

Customized Pet Memorial Tattoo Messages and Quotes

Losing your pet may be too heartbreaking that only a unique message can help express how you feel. Consider some of these messages for your pet tattoos.

  • When you left, you went with a piece of me.
  • See you when the time is right
  • You’re always in my heart
  • My best friend forever
  • You are always missed

How to Design Distinctive Pet Memorial Tattoos


  • If you have your pet’s paw print or picture, then you use it on your tattoo.
  • Use any toy or item your pet loved most in the tattoo design.
  • Special dates, names, and pet initials add glamor to your tattoo.
  • Have the design capture things that remind you of the pet.


It can never be wrong to have some tattoo reminders of your beloved pet. You need to understand how dear the pet was to you before getting tattooed. The message shall be with you for a long time. Do not rush to get a tattoo that may need immediate removal because it is not working for you anymore. Ultimately, the message is meant for you and not others.  For more ideas take a look at our complete gallery and be sure to follow us on our social media platforms.