With the INKAHOLIK app you will have access toscreen322x572

  • Hundreds of award winning Tattoos made by the best in the industry
  • Users can see the photo gallery
  • Industry Topics and news
  • Users can read updates from our blog
  • Loyalty discounts and promos
  • You will get a rough concept of how the tattoo looks onto the user’s body without needing to commit to inking.
  • It is packed with several tattoo styles and templates that can help inspire you to come up with more creative tattoo ideas.
  • Send us your tattoo picture for a chance to win prizes.

Once you agree on the right design, the best style of the tattoo idea your app may have revealed to you will be correctly inked on your body.

  • Once they come to the store and get a service done they will be rewarded with free stuff.

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