Tattoo Trends for 2019

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Tattoo Trends for 2019

When looking for a new tattoo idea, people will look for what celebrities have, or may even look on websites like Pinterest, Tumblr or investigate image searches in web search engines like Google for inspiration. What may be in the media or on your favorite movie star or music artist, may or may not be right for you. Here is a listing of the hottest tattoo trends of 2019 that are heating up not only in the media but the general public.

Blended Styles

This classic yet simplified tattoo style has made a comeback in the industry, with nods to Russian prison tattoos, traditional American and classic Japanese artwork, inked with black and gray shading on the skin. These designs have heavy areas and line weight with some dot shading added, resulting in a design that stands out from a lot of other tattoos.

Minimalistic Illustrations

Small in design, this style allows for the wearer to show not only their unique style but also remain individualistic. This style of tattoo is typically monochrome as well, with limited shading and design elements on the skin. It also leans towards individual communication through the wearer’s tattoo design.

Hand-poke Tattoos

Hand-poke tattoos require the artist to use a sterilized needle to be poked into the skin with ink instead of the use of a tattoo machine. Traditional Japanese and Western-style elements usually require apprenticeship of the artist with someone trained in the art of hand-poking. This tattoo design is done both in black and gray shading and color tattoos.

Black and Gray Fine Lines

This type of tattoo detail is geared more towards someone who does not want heavy shaded tattoos or ones that are noticeably apparent, as well as something delicate that stands out and is more detailed. The downside to this tattoo type is that the colors or size needs to be measured and thought through or the result could look blended together on the skin or fade over time.

Blast-Over Tattoos

Finally, this particular design differs from a traditional cover-up of an old tattoo but allows the artist to work with a pre-existing tattoo and incorporate it with heavy shading or other design work that flows with the tattoo. Normally, if someone was unhappy with a particular tattoo, they would cover it up with a new tattoo or have the designed erased with laser removal services. This breathes new life into an existing tattoo and adds more flare to one already inked on the skin.

Tattoos in 2019 appear to akin to the more classical style, as well as some new strategies and practices not seen in the past. If any of these styles draw your attention, check with your tattoo parlor or artist and see what they can do for you. Always try to be original, and make sure that your tattoo stands out from the crowd of over-used designs and styles.  Check our tattoo photo gallery and who knows you may be featured on our site one day, just be sure to tell your Inkaholik Artist that you want to be on our website.

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