Tattoo Buyer’s Guide: What You Should Know Before Getting Ink

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Tattoo Buyer's Guide

Tattoo Buyer’s Guide: What You Should Know Before Getting Ink

Does the thought of getting your first tattoo to cause your body to flood with emotions? Most people, when they decide that a tattoo is in their future, begin to immediately formulate different font sizes, images that could be displayed, the colors that they may want to incorporate, and the underlying message. If you’re ready to take the plunge and get some professional ink, here’s what we recommend that you consider.  The tattoo buyer’s guide will set you in the right direction, after all, you have the ink for the rest of your life.

Tattoo Buyer's GuideAllocating a Budget for Quality Craftsmanship and Design

Before you begin searching through the images on Google or sketching a rough draft of your tattoo, you’ll want to start thinking economically. What is your money situation like currently? Do you have spare funds to hand over to your artist? Are you looking for bargains? Do you want a large tattoo with breathtaking complexity and colorization? If so, increasing your budget is an absolute must.

Let’s be honest for a second; finding someone who will give you a cheap tattoo is not that difficult to find. Instead, we must pride ourselves as individuals that will not accept mediocrity or haphazard effort as these images will be on our body, presumably, for a lifetime. Our advice is to save more money than you think you would possibly need to get the work done.  Checking out the work done in our tattoo gallery by our award-winning artists is a great source for creative ideas.

Preparing for Your Tattoo

Before heading to your artist, there is a bit of homework that you must complete to ensure your tattoo comes out perfect. First, you need to emphasize hydration inside of your body. In the days and weeks leading up to the appointment, make an effort to drink more water than you typically do.

The water allows the body to hydrate the system and optimize the healing process of the skin. Efficient hydration will cut down the recovery time and allow you to enjoy your tattoo sooner!

If you want to go a step further, you can begin adding fresh vegetables and fruit into your diet. While this is not necessary, it will allow your skin to utilize the vitamins and nutrients found in the food items to heal the wounds rapidly. Again, this part is for you over-achievers out there!

The Tattooing Process

So now you’re in the chair and ready to get your work done; what now? First of all, congratulations on making it this far! Our advice when getting the tattoo done is to find a way to relax your mind and lower your heart rate. While everyone is different and utilizes unique ways to relax, here are some tried-and-true methods that we love:

  • Conversing with a friend, family member, or loved one.
  • Sparking up a conversation with your artist.
  • Listening to music or relaxing sounds on your phone.
  • Reading a book by an author who enthralls you.
  • Pack a light snack and munch while you’re waiting.

The main goal of the artist is to keep you as still and calm as possible. Should you decide to engage with people around you, make sure to keep the area still and motionless. Doing so will reduce pain, mistakes, and allow the artist to complete the work quickly.

Recovery and Afterthoughts

Getting your first tattoo is, without a doubt, a process that you will never forget. You may be nervous, scared, anxious, or excited, but nothing will beat the feeling of looking into a mirror and seeing your ink.

Take our tips into consideration before you begin the process of planning for your tattoo. Also, find artists who have the same values and artistic style that you find pleasing to the eye. Never hesitate to move on or say no to a parlor that does not meet or exceed your standards for getting a tattoo. These images will be with you for many years to come, so why would you settle for second best? For more information about getting a tattoo, reach out to us today! We specialize in beautiful artwork and pleasing our clients, one day at a time!

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