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Tattoos for Girls Miami

Tattoos for Girls

In the past, girls did not traditionally have tattoos. Tattoos were typically reserved for men, and girls with tattoos were considered masculine or just “different”. Tattoos were even considered a symbol of having been in prison or in a gang. However, those days are over! Tattoos are now considered mainstream, and boys and girls alike have plenty. Looking for a tattoo idea for yourself, or for a loved one? Look no further – below is a list of ideas for tattoos for girls.

Flowers and Floral Pieces:

Floral tattoos are a beautiful way to enter the world of tattooing. Men and women alike enjoy floral pieces, and these are a great choice of tattoos for girls. Floral pieces are particularly versatile, as individual flowers can hold a wide variety of meanings for the girl being tattooed. For example, flowers are often seen in memorial tattoos as a symbolic representation of a loved one. They are also often used to represent a time of growth, blooming, or beauty in one’s life. Finally, of course, they can simply be appreciated for their visual beauty!


Words and Phrases:

Words and phrases are a common subject of tattooing. Girls often feel connected to a particular word or phrase and appreciate having a reminder of it with them at all times. Verses from religious scriptures, notes or phrases from loved ones, inspirational quotes, or simply particular favorite words are often seen in girls’ tattoos. Another way to add personality to these tattoos is by having these tattoos written in the handwriting of a loved one.


Birds, butterflies, elephants, and other animals are all common tattoos for women. Birds tattoos, for example, are often beautiful symbols of moving on or letting go (particularly if they’re flying away). Whether it’s a favorite animal, representative of a special memory or symbolic, animal tattoos are a great way to go! These tattoos are also very versatile, as they can be done in a variety of styles, such as watercolor, traditional, or realism.

Dainty Tattoos:

Small, dainty tattoos are a common tattoo option for women, especially if this is the first tattoo. Small tattoos are often found on the inner wrist, inner arm, foot, behind the ear, or even on the side of a finger. They’re great options for a small, meaningful symbol, flower, letter, word, and more, and they’re often easily concealed (if concealment is a concern). Any of the tattoo styles and subjects mentioned above can be done in a dainty way, and located in a small spot on the body. They’re versatile and personal.

White Ink Tattoos:

White ink tattoos have risen and fallen in popularity over the past few years, but they remain a fun and different style of tattoo. All of the previously mentioned tattoos (and more!) can be tattooed in white ink, giving them a different feel and look, and adding that concealment factor that some girls look for. White ink can also be incorporated into colorful tattoos, bringing in different levels of shadow and interest.

These are just a few ideas of tattoos for girls – there are millions of tattooed women in the world, with millions of different tattoos! Interested in adding one of these to your collection? Come visit one of our three Inkaholik shops in Miami.


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