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Hand Tattoos

For some tattoo lovers, proudly displaying tattoos on hand to the public is something they would refuse to do. People in occupations such as healthcare, teaching, or customer service may actually have their ability to have hand tattoos severely limited by their company’s dress code. But for other tattoo lovers, the ability to proudly display their individuality through the right design on their hands is something they feel compelled to do. If you do decide that a hand tattoo is right for you, consider one of these incredible design choices.

Marine or Sea Inspired Tattoos

Tattoos on hand which is inspired by life at sea will always be impressive. First, these tattoos allow you to display the rugged individuality that leads a person to the sea life. People commonly picture an individual who is tough and able to persevere in the harshest conditions whenever they think about going out to sea. Secondly, marine life is varied in the items that are associated with it. This means that you are able to have several tattoos on your hands and fingers: boats, anchors and a lighthouse are some of the suggestions.

Small and Discreet Tattoos

While choosing to get a hand tattoo is definitely choosing

to put your tattoo on display for everyone to see, doesn’t mean that you want to take up a large amount of space. Maybe you want to make a definite statement, but you want to do so discreetly. Many people who choose to get tattoos on their hands opt for small tattoos on their thumb or on individual fingers.

Examples of common small and discreet hand tattoos include:

  • Compass
  • Flowers
  • Birds
  • Animal paws
  • Crowns
  • Ax or other tools

Big, Bold Designs

Other tattoo lovers seem to believe that if they are going to get a tattoo on their hand, it should be as bold as possible. Some of the designs may include bright splashes of color, while other designs make their statement in shades of black. A common way to truly make your hand designs stand out is to include half of the design on one hand and a half on the other hand so that each hand contains a “piece” of the tattoo puzzle.

Common examples of big, bold designs for hand tattoos include:

    • Butterflies
    • Dragons
  • Monsters
  • Skeletons
  • Watches
  • Lions
  • Sun, moons, and stars
  • Religious symbols


If you are going to put your tattoo on your hand, maybe you want to include some sort of wisdom? A frequent way to add a touch of unique personality to a person’s hand tattoo is to use a quote. Maybe the quote is the only tattoo on your hand, or maybe you decide it would look better as an accent piece to a beautiful picture.

What type of quote would suit you best? Here are a few types of phrases that people typically use when getting a quote hand tattoo:

  • Marriage vows
  • Baby’s first words
  • Motivational speech
  • Quote from their favorite movie
  • Inspirational religious quote
  • Poetry

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