What are Blackwork Tattoos?

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What are Blackwork Tattoos

You’ve been surfing around on Pinterest, talking to friends, and checking out everyone’s ink at the gym. You’re ready to go book an appointment to get tattooed, but you’re not sold on a style. There are a million to choose from- watercolor, traditional, realistic, new school, and a million more. But what about blackwork?

What are Blackwork Tattoos

Blackwork is a style of tattooing that utilizes one distinctive color (take a wild guess at which one) to combine shading and line work into graphic designs. Subjects range super widely from animals to flowers to anatomical pieces to inanimate objects to skulls, mandalas, and really anything else you can think of. Blackwork has been around for centuries. People have been utilizing this particular style for years to convey a sense of uniqueness and individuality with varying degrees of light and dark space combined together into art. Due to the unlimited amount of subjects and variables, variety is one of the staples of blackwork tattoos.

Why Choose This Particular Style?

Regardless of who you are or what you’re looking for in a tattoo, there’s enough variety within blackworking to meet your every expectation. Range of subjects, shading, line thickness, size, and shapes mean limitless options. Some designs are clear symbols and others are more abstract, left up to interpretation. The presence or absence of shading allows for more or less softening, another variable left up to the one being tattooed. Self-expression is typically the ultimate goal of tattooing, and with blackwork, there are almost no constraints. Not to mention, the look works on everyone. It’s classic, sharp, and whatever else you want it to be.

Can I get my Tattoo Anywhere?

Blackwork can be inked anywhere any other style of tattoo could go. Popular spots are arms, legs, midriff, back, and even feet and ankles. If you’re planning to cover a large area with dark space, be aware that the discomfort level might be a little higher than it would otherwise. With that said, everyone’s tolerance is different. Tattooing large areas black takes time and patience. Regardless, large areas of dark space are certainly not a prerequisite for blackwork tattoo designs. They range widely in ratios of light to black. Take a peek at the gallery to see for yourself.


Blackwork Tattoos Gallery



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