Tattoos on Fingers Encourage Creativity

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Tattoos on Fingers

Here’s Why Finger Tattoos are All the Rage

It can safely be said that tattoos are more popular today than they have been at any other point in history—and there’re quite a few reasons why this is the case. Contemporary tattoo artists are well-versed and capable, contemporary designs are outstanding, and contemporary prices are fantastically affordable.

With this in mind, it shouldn’t be difficult to understand why knowledge of tattoos is so extensive; a variety of individuals and professionals are interested in the art form. But what many people—including some professionals and hardcore tattoo enthusiasts—don’t know of or frequently think about is the awesome potential of finger tattoos.

Tats on fingers open up a treasure trove of advantages and benefits to clients, and as a result, they’re becoming increasingly common. For those who don’t know much about finger tats and/or aren’t completely sold on the idea, let’s take a look at some perks of this ink type!

Tattoos on Fingers Make an Immediate Impression

Finger tats make an immediate impression on onlookers—and the same cannot be said of other tattoos. There’s something inherently excellent about being able to showcase one’s tats at each and every moment of the day. Because, as tattoo aficionados will attest to, tats are more than art; they’re a key component of one’s life story and being.

And finger tattoos allow the person at-hand to tell this life story to all.

Finger Tats Are Affordable

Finger tats are also comparatively affordable. High-quality work still costs some money—demand for respected artists is consistent—but the area of the finger is so small that even intricate designs don’t require all that much time or ink to complete.

Saved time benefits both the artist and the recipient, and the latter can put monetary savings towards another design.

Tattoos on Fingers Encourage Creativity

In terms of the details and depth of finger tats, the sky’s the limit. The same is of course true of other tats, but the fact that finger designs leave the artist and the recipient so much additional freedom and choice cannot be overlooked. Names, continuous designs, messages, landscapes, and more can be uniquely displayed on one’s fingers, provided that the design and the artist are ideal.

Finger Tats Are Subject to Less Wear and Tear

Last but certainly not least, tattoos on fingers are subject to less wear and tear than designs on other parts of the body—especially the arms and back. There are a variety of reasons why this is the case, the most prominent of which is that sun fades tattoos, and one’s hands are exposed to a correspondingly small amount of sun. In notably warm and sunny climates, back tattoos can become faded due to sun exposure through a shirt.

Hand tats encounter less sun and peeling, and as a result, they’ll stay defined and solid for quite a few years.

Hopefully this information made clear why finger tattoos are so tremendous. There’s never been a better time than today to join Team Tattoo, and wherever a design is placed, remember that a reputable, reliable, and skillful tattoo artist is a must.

Just as fantastic tattoos attract positive attention and prove satisfactory, low-quality tattoos—sloppy and/or careless work—attract negative attention and prove dissatisfactory. In short, be sure to consult a trustworthy artist—like one of the pros at Inkaholik Tattoos—to receive world-class work.

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