Memorial Tattoos: A Way to Keep the Memory of a Lost Loved One Close

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Memorial tattoos can be a powerful memorial to the memory of someone who has died. The tattoo itself memorializes the person and serves as a reminder for those grieving that they are not alone in their grief. For some, memorial tattoos serve as an opportunity to commemorate love lost by memorializing it with ink on skin. Others may see them as an act of defiance against death – one way to keep alive the spirit of someone so near and dear to them. Memorial tattoos come in many shapes, sizes, colors, and styles; what is appropriate for one person’s loss might not be right for another’s. It is important that you find something meaningful that will work well with your own sense of self-expression when considering this type of memorialization.

What is a remembrance tattoo?

This type of tattoo honors a lost loved one and can help a person in their healing process. As this form of art grows in popularity year after year it is very common to see many people with this type of ink.

What memorial tattoos mean to some people:

A way to keep the memory of someone near with ink on the skin  – an act of defiance against death, something that will make others remember you were there too (in case they had forgotten). Memorializing love by commemorating it with a tattoo.

What to consider before getting a memorial tattoo:

A tattoo is a big decision, and it can be hard to find something that will mean the most to you in order for your memorialization. Keep in mind that they are permanent  – and depending on the body part you select you may need to retouch in a few years. Also, consider how visible you want your tattoo to be as well as the location – will it easily show, or is it something that you would only want certain people to see?

What makes good memorial tattoos?

The same as any other type of tattoo – something that is meaningful and has meaning to the individual getting it done (original artwork or quotes). The main difference with this type of ink is that there will be added emotion involved and it is a reflection of the person and their loss.

Tributes to lost loved ones, in the form of original art or quotes/lyrics that remind you of them – something meaningful for your own sense of self-expression.

Think about where you want your memorialization – will it be visible or something that only certain people can see? Also, think about what kind of design would work well with your sense of self-expression. Keep in mind that tattoos are permanent, so this is a decision you will have to live with for a while.

What not to do when it comes to memorial tattoos:

Do NOT get a tattoo design just because everyone else is getting one or simply because they are trendy at the moment. If you do not feel strongly about it, then don’t bother.

Some ideas for memorial tattoos designs:

  • A symbol or image that is significant to both the person and their loved one
  • A design that incorporates elements of both their loved one’s personality and themselves.
  • Take the best picture to your tattoo artist and ask for a sketch.
  • Get creative with your artist, for example, you can have the artist draw angel wings to the picture of your mom or dad.
  • Roses are also very popular when it comes to a good memorial tattoo.

When it comes to memorial tattoos, there is no right or wrong answer – it’s all about what feels right for the individual. If you are considering this type of tattoo, take your time and find something that will be truly special and personal to you.

Some popular symbols for memorial tattoos include:

  • Roses (representing love and loss)
  • Anchors (representing stability and hope)
  • Wings (symbolizing flight and freedom)
  • Cherubs or angels (representing protection, care, and guidance)
  • Crosses (representing faith and redemption)
  • Stars (symbolizing guidance, hope, dreams coming true)
  • Hands or footprints (sometimes people will get handprints of their child to remember them by. This represents care and love – keep in mind that with this type of memorial tattoo it may be difficult to find an artist who is comfortable with doing it)
  • Favorite quotes or lyrics that are special to the person and their lost loved one.
  • Portrait tattoo of your loved one – this can be a very powerful way to remember them.

As you can see, there are endless possibilities when it comes to memorial tattoos. It is important to take the time to find something that will really mean something to you and represent your lost loved one in the best way possible. If you have any questions or need some.  Some memorial tattoos serve as a personal tribute to a tragedy, within one’s family and friends or something with true meaning.

Date and Name Memorial Tattoo

If you don’t like portrait tattoos, you may commemorate your loved one by getting a date and name memorial tattoo. Such tattoos might simply include the date of birth and death, as well as the name of a loved one. People frequently add a phrase or inscription to express their sorrow at losing someone they care about.

What about memorial tattoos that depict animals?

Some people consider pets as family members, so getting a tattoo that memorializes them can be very powerful. This type of tribute often features an image of the animal or its name, as well as dates and phrases related to grief, remembrance, love, loss, etc.

If you want something unique for your pet – perhaps this would make a good way to commemorate them! There are many people who will not get a tattoo unless they have something that means a lot to them. This is why many pet owners choose memorial tattoos as the perfect way for honoring their furry, four-legged loved ones!

Should you get a memorial tattoo?

Only you can decide if a tattoo of this nature is right for you.

Memorial tattoos are a way to remember loved ones who have passed away, but they should not be the main remembrance that you use in your day-to-day life (if there isn’t meaning behind it then don’t bother). It’s important to find something that has meaning to you both as an individual and their loved one.

Think about the tattoo’s location, design/quote, the symbolism of your loved one’s personality traits incorporated into it, artist comfortability with memorial tattoos

For some people this is a way for them to feel close to someone who they have lost – if that resonates with you, then go for it.

The decision to get a tattoo is always an individual one – make sure you are getting something that really means something to both yourself and your loved one. The important thing is the thought process behind what this memorial tattoo will represent in your life.

If you don’t feel strongly about it or if there isn’t a lot of meaning behind it, then you probably shouldn’t bother with getting a memorial tattoo.

How Memorial Tattoos Can Help With The Grieving Process

Many people find that memorial tattoos can help with the grieving process, especially if they have a strong connection to their loved one.

The significance of a memorial tattoo will depend on your relationship with your lost loved one – some may be small and simple while others are more detailed and personal. The important thing is finding something that has meaning for you as an individual and as part of your relationship with the person you’ve lost.

Tattoos can be a very personal way to remember someone, so it’s important that you take the time to find something special – something that will really resonate with both you and your loved one.

Are you ready for a portrait tattoo and pay tribute to a loved one?

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Memorial tattoos are a unique and personal way to pay tribute to someone special who is no longer here. We hope this article has given you some ideas for your own memorial tattoo. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask us and book an appointment if you are ready for the next step!

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