Sexy Back Tattoos for Women

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Sexy Back Tattoos for Women

Sexy Back Tattoos for Women

The back is the largest ‘canvas’ or area for tattoos on the human body. This is especially true for women since we do not have flat and frequently exposed chests as men do. As such, with tattoos rising in popularity, back tattoos for women have skyrocketed.

On the back, the lower back is the most common area for women to get tattoos. While lower back tattoos have a very salacious connotation, it’s for purely practical reasons. Between longer hair, bra or bathing suit straps, and cross-shoulder purses or bags, women’s upper backs tend to be concealed, making the lower back the obvious best choice.

That isn’t to say the decision is never aesthetic. Back tattoos for women can also accentuate our figures, due to the rounded hips that you also rarely see on men.

There are many reasons to get a tattoo, such as…

Covering Up a Scar

Every scar tells a story, but sometimes you don’t want to share that story with everyone you meet or at least want to be able to tell that story on your own terms. It’s not easy to keep your back covered up all the time, especially here in Miami. A tattoo is a great way to shape scar tissue or cover it up entirely.

A common refrain against tattoos is that they will be on our bodies for the rest of our lives. What people often forget is that so will scar – and we rarely get to choose our scars. When life happens and you have to spend the rest of your life with a scar, a tattoo can be something you choose, especially to be put over something that was ‘chosen’ for you.

Meaning and Memory

Everyone has had those days where you are sure that if your head weren’t attached, you would lose it. Most memory tokens, such as photographs and souvenirs, are not attached – but your skin is, and you certainly won’t be losing your back anytime soon.

Where belongings can be lost or taken, a tattoo stays with you forever. Despite how often that’s presented as a bad thing, it can also be the best reason to get a tattoo.

Decoration and Aesthetic

Value can also be something you imbue on your tattoo, rather than the reason you get it in the first place. Decoration, accessorization, and aesthetics are all great reasons to get a tattoo, and that they don’t ‘mean’ something ahead of time doesn’t make them less important to you.

Being sexy is not a sin, and sexy back tattoos for women aren’t, either. A beautiful tattoo can make a lady more lovely than all the diamonds and jewels in the world, and no one should ever be ashamed of having a tattoo ‘just’ because it looks good.

Common aesthetic tattoos include multiple small shapes that come together or long and sinuous designs that can span your back and body.

No Matter What

No matter why a woman wants to get a back tattoo, the choice is yours, and yours alone.

Our award-winning artists can create a classy back tattoo masterpiece, take a look at our gallery for more ideas.

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