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Body piercings are becoming increasingly popular in today’s world, going from the common ear piercing that many ladies as well as some men have, to the nose piercings, eye piercings, tongue piercings coupled with other part of the body you can envision, people pierce their bodies and beautify them with piece of jewelry.

In today’s body piercings and jewelry, although have emerged from olden days, have different meanings from what they once were all those decades back. Currently they are most liked among younger generation and have been done for different motives including identification of nature, fostering beauty and also as fashion statements as well as a form of body art such as tattoos and even self expression. Nowadays it has become so easy for people to get their bodies pierced, since there are several outlets around that specialize in body piercings together with body jewelry.

The most typical form of piercing is ear piercing, puncturing hole in the ear lobe is often practiced in virtually all communities; even men and women go for ear piercing. The technique of piercing ear varies from one person to another, some like single ear piercing whereas other prefers both ears, many love single hole in ear lobes while some go for various holes along the rim of ear lobes, nowadays, youth sometimes go for piercing ear cartilage.

Other than ears, different body organs usually pierced are nose, lips, nose septum, eyebrow, tongue, nasal bridge, nipple, navel, female genitalia, and male genitalia and so on. Piercing is believed the sign of creativity among the youth, more piercing in any one’s body appears his/her royal status. Body piercing is not just the matter of pleasure but demands sincere measures while going for it.

Naval piercings

Naval piercings has become very popular among ladies and have been regarded as a kind of adornment which is considered seductive and thus hot. They are often shown during the summer time, when youngsters put on skimpy outfit that flaunt their navels.

Eyebrow piercing

This has no specific function however for self-adornment, this and many other styles of piercing are portrayed by celebs, and like everything else, and youngsters like to do it.

Ear piercing

This is one of the most common as well as the most generally acceptable piercing; it is for adornment with ear-rings and is popular among ladies. It is less generally acceptable for guys to have ear piercings however it is becoming more and more popular especially in Miami

Nipple piercings

Yet another piercing which is aimed toward sexual stimulation, and is often done for ladies. It indicates high sexual drives and is regarded as seductive. Another reason which makes pierced nipples worth considering is the sensations of empowerment many ladies gain after having a nipple pierced. Nipple piercings are also among the few sorts of female body piercing which are quite easily concealed, making them that much more personal, private and also exciting.

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