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One of the terrible things about life is that we are bound to make mistakes, we go wrong, learn lessons, but some things cannot be completely repaired; they leave us with guilt and sorrow. Such feelings come when you have a bad tattoo on your body; you hate it, don’t like it much, or you are just bored with it. People who get tattoos forcefully or people who undergo extreme lifestyle changes could consider tattoo coverup options. Yes, you can make your tattoo more appealing or completely transformed it into a new design. There are tons of tattoo cover-up ideas that you can use to hide the existing tattoo. So let’s talk about all the options as well as the ideas.


The tattoo removal industry is growing swiftly; however, the removal methods are not completely safe. Even if they are safe, they might leave some discoloration marks or scar tissue, and it is not suggested to undergo a tattoo removal surgery due to its expensive nature also. This is why it is recommended to think about a tattoo cover up option which is affordable and safe. Consider all the options available, and you will find that cover-ups are the best ones.


Tribal Tattoos:

How can we hide the current tattoo? Obviously, we need a bigger tattoo so that it can cover up the existing one. It should be big enough to hide the original one completely, and we likewise need to use dark inks, and tribal tattoos have both of these qualities; big with dark inks. That is why tribal tattoos are the first choice when looking for cover up options.

Japanese style:

Japanese style tattoos are sybaritic in nature and they use many shading as well as the movements, for example; clouds, waves, and the dragons. Dragon tattoos are likewise famous due to “the game of thrones” trend. Just Google “Japanese tattoo designs” to get many dulcet results.

Vivid Hindu Culture Tattoos:

These are usually fascinating and charming tattoos, which often comes with bigger designs of inspirational Idols. Keep in mind that these tattoos come with sophisticated designs that might rankle you at some point in time. So think deeply about them.


The positive result of a tattoo cover-up is reliant on the original tattoo which is being covered, as well as the expertise and practical knowledge of the artist. The tattoo expert first has to evaluate the current design, and afterward think of an outline which will cover it smartly; ultimately without making it obvious that the new design is a coverup of the old one. It is the artist’s job to make the coverup effective and successful. For Tattoo cover up Miami, contact the award-winning tattoo studio; Inkaholiktattoos. We don’t shy away from these jobs as we are sticklers in cover-ups.


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