Popular Tattoo Myths & Misconceptions

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Popular Tattoo Myths & Misconceptions

Let’s cover the most Popular Tattoo Myths & Misconceptions

There are plenty of myths and misconceptions surrounding tattoos, and many people have a lot of questions before they decide to get inked.

It makes sense to do research, as tattoos may seem like a serious commitment to most people. However, there are often very conflicting answers to the most popular tattoo questions and myths.
Fortunately, these explanations are here to set the record straight.


Myth #1: They’re not safe and can lead to cancer.

While it is extremely important to go to a reputable tattoo studio to ensure that your tattoo will be done using sterilized equipment, tattoos aren’t necessarily a huge health concern. The myth that they can cause cancer is a result of reports that tattoo ink contains minerals and chemicals, such as aluminum or cobalt.

However, only one single report found that tattoo inks contain these chemicals and can lead to health problems. There is no evidence of a link between cancer and tattoos. In fact, dermatologists consider them to be generally safe when proper health and safety standards are met.

Again, this is why people are often urged to make sure their tattoo artist and the studio is completely certified. Any artist worth your time and money will practice all safety guidelines.

Additionally, organic inks were created in order to prevent any health concerns, and many brands of organic ink are widely used by tattoo artists. You can always research studios that use organic ink or ask an artist what type of ink they use.

Myth #2: Sun fades tattoos very easily, and they won’t last.

This myth is partially true – the sun can potentially wreak havoc on your ink. While most fading is actually just a result of natural bodily processes, it’s still a good idea to try to protect your tattoos from UV rays. Even more importantly, you should try to moisturize your tattoo daily if you want to maximize its vibrancy. Treating it with care can go a long way! Using moisturizer and sunscreen regularly is a smart idea.

After all, sunscreen should be part of anyone’s regular routine, as it prevents skin damage and signs of aging. And of course, it’s the best way to avoid skin cancer!

Myth #3: White ink hurts a lot more than other ink colors.

White ink is usually the last ink used in the tattooing process, often because it is used for highlighting over colors. Chances are, the area of skin that’s already been tattooed is probably sensitive. By returning to that same spot to add more ink, the person being tattooed will probably feel extra pain. This has led to the misconception that white ink is more painful than other inks.

Myth #4: Tattoos are completely permanent and can never be removed.

While it is true that tattoos are permanent, they can still be removed using laser removal processes. Laser removal usually leaves no scarring behind, and can thoroughly erase a tattoo.

However, laser removal can be extremely expensive and can involve some discomfort. Additionally, the process can often take several sessions, depending on the particular tattoo.

So, while tattoos are technically permanent, they can still be removed using laser treatments if you decide you don’t want your tattoo anymore. It’s up to you to decide whether it’s worth it!


Myth #5: You have to be 18 to get a tattoo.

The answer to this myth is yes, and no – while many people wait until they’re at least 18 to get inked, some rules allow for people to be tattooed under the age of 18. This can involve needing written permission from a parent or legal guardian, or for a parent to be present during the tattoo process. A form of legal and valid identification is also required often as well.

Myth #6: You can’t drink alcohol before and after getting a tattoo.

This myth is true, as alcohol does thin the blood and can lead to extra bleeding while getting a tattoo. Not only does this complicate the process for the artist, but it can also be messy. It’s best to wait to drink until your tattoo has started to scab.

These are some of the most frequently asked questions about tattoos. There are so many misconceptions and conflicting ideas about tattoos, but these are some of the most commonly discussed Tattoo Myths. Additionally, there isn’t anything wrong with asking your tattoo artist if you have any concerns.


Even though we are just covering the top 6 out of the enormous list of the most popular tattoo myths & misconceptions, we talked to our artists plus consulted dermatologists and doctors to give you the most accurate information.

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