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Best Love Tattoo Designs

It has finally happened to you. Or maybe it’s happening again. Your knees are weak, cheeks are flushed and your heart beats to the hypnotic drums of love. You want the whole world to know. What better way to express this alluring feeling than with your mistress – tattoos! But what type of love tattoo suits you best?

When it comes to love tattoos, there is no wrong. Just choose what fits best with you. The word “love” itself as well as the heart symbol most probably are the first things that come to mind when thinking of love tattoo designs. Be sure to put your own spin on things. After all, each pair’s feelings and experiences are unique. Perhaps you share a passion for words and wish the word love to be spelled out with Scrabble pieces. And maybe your heart symbol is embedded in a partial image of the concert in which you first met.

Best Love Tattoo Designs

Animals, and quite often birds, are another love tattoo idea that is commonly used and easy to read. Nothing oozes sweet emotion quite like two nestling doves, or snakes, any animal that sings to your own heart really. Get a double score if your animals of choice can be manipulated into a heart shape.

If you and your mate are looking to go official together, a matching tattoo or art with interlocking pieces would be ideal. Try thinking similar to a locket and key, the partial phrase started on one body and finished on the other, or abstract designs linking to each other. Focus on what makes your love special, what binds you two, and work with that thought to come up with an image or two that pulls on your heartstrings.


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Love tattoos aren’t just for the enamored. There are so many types of love – best friends, sisters, family. Many love tattoo designs can be found for every type of love you feel. Honor your loved one with a picture or symbol that reminds you of them or that has great meaning to them or both of you. Name tattoos are often frowned upon, but another option may be the word or title you have for your loved one, such as sister or mother. These words can be placed in or the focus of a love tattoo.

Whatever kind of love you want to permanently display will make for a wonderful piece of art. And what better emotion to capture than that which fills us with joy and positivity? With some thought, a little research, and your own creativity, you are sure to come up with a tattoo design that you, well, love.

Take a look at our gallery with hundreds of couple and love tattoo design pictures, you will definitely enjoy and get the ideas you are looking for.

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