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Scar Cover Up Tattoos

scar cover up tattoosWhile tattoos have traditionally been seen as the hallmarks of rebels, sailors, and outlaws, the way in which they are perceived in modern society has shifted greatly. Today, tattoos are featured prominently in cultures across the world and have become accepted, and often admired, means of personal expression. Still, the decision to get a tattoo is a highly personal and important choice. For some, tattoos are simply an accessory-a fashion statement no more than a pair of earrings or a new jacket. Yet to others, tattoos a serious form of self-expression. They are visible and tangible ties to the wearer’s interests, past, hopes, and struggles. Amongst the most personal form of tattooing is that undergone by those who choose to receive scar cover up tattoos.

Understand Scarring

Before discussing scar cover up tattoos in detail, it is important to understand scarring itself. Very few individuals make it through life without undergoing some form of trauma to the skin. As the body’s largest and most visible organ, the skin is highly sensitive and susceptible to damage via scrapes, surgeries, and reoccurring skin conditions such as eczema and acne. When skin is wounded, the body begins its natural healing process. Scarring, as troubling as it may be to some, can sometimes be the natural result of this process. Most skin damage results in some degree of scarring but it is when the thickest skin layer, the dermis, is damaged, that scarring becomes the most prominent. When this part of the skin is damaged, the body uses natural collagen fibers to heal the wound, which results in the appearance of scars.

Although the formation of scars is a natural part of the body’s healing process and essential to our survival, their appearance can often cause significant psychological distress. The appearance of scars, particularly when they are in highly visible areas such as the hands, arms, and legs often make individuals self-conscious and result in a loss of confidence. In more serious occurrences, they may remind individuals of severe trauma or painful memories. Amongst a growing community, the use of tattoos to cover scarring has become a powerful means of transforming these feelings into powerful displays of confidence and healing.

Your Options

There are a number of options worth considering when considering a tattoo to cover up a scar. True cover-up pieces, which encase the entirety of the scar, are a popular choice. This option requires careful consideration of the scar’s location, size, and texture and the appearance of the scar itself plays a large role in the selection of a cover-up design. While some choose to completely cover up the scar, others choose to incorporate the scar itself in the piece. This is a highly creative way in which to approach scar cover up tattoos where-by the scar becomes a part of the overall design. Utilizing the size, shape, and lines of an individual’s scar, a skilled artist can create beautiful designs blending the humanity of the scar with the artistry of tattooing.

Expert Advice

A consultation with a reputable, empathetic, and skilled tattoo artist is imperative before undergoing any form of tattooing to cover up a scar. The client must be able to openly express their concerns and vision for the piece without fear of judgment. Equally as important, the artist should have extensive experience with tattooing over scarred skin as this requires a high degree of technique and skin. Before undergoing any tattooing over a scar, it is imperative that the area has had adequate time to fully heal. Only then can the artist fully assess which options available as scars can vary in pigmentation, appearance, and thickness.

Receiving a tattoo to cover-up a scar can be one of the most meaningful decisions a person makes in regards to their appearance. A caring artist, capable of producing a creative and aesthetically appealing piece, is essential to the process. Working together, both the client and artist can transform the painful appearance of scarring into a beautiful representation of confidence, strength, and healing. You may also want to expand on this topic on WebMd ‘Medical Tattoos’ Help Hide Surgical Scars.

Ready To Cover Up Your Surgical Scars?

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