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Small Tattoos Ideas

Once considered taboo, odd, or criminal, tattoos have finally earned their rightful place as an accepted form of body art. Each piece can be an expression of self, a meaningful dedication to a loved one, or a brilliant whim of spontaneous ideas. An ever-growing array of styles such as Japanese, realism, traditional and new school along with the artist’s and canvas’s unique ideas leave for an infinity of possibilities for large and small tattoo ideas.

Often, when thinking of a quality tattoo, people think of large back pieces or sleeves. But whether you are running out of space, want to start small, or are looking for a new locale for a one-of-a-kind design, small tattoos are a novel idea. Bigger is not necessarily always better.

One of the best things about small tattoos is that there is virtually nowhere you couldn’t put one. There are more common body placements such as arms, legs, back, and shoulders. But with the size shrunken down, new opportunities are available. Fingers, wrists, ankles, and toes all look great adorned with ink. Not to mention the neck, behind the ear, hip, inner lip, and head/face area – all suited for small tattoo ideas.

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The hardest part of getting a tattoo may be deciding what to get, after all, it is permanent. You may first want to decide if the art will have specific meaning to you or just be something you like, something of personal interest. Small tattoos are perfect for displaying a symbol such as a music note or treble clef to show musical love. Or a leaf, small flower, or raindrop to integrate a love for nature. In honor of a loved one or hero, initials, a date or a couple of words might serve as a reminder for you.

Don’t be afraid to think outside the box. The supremacy of artwork done at Inkaholik will shine just as brightly on your small tattoo ideas as it does on larger ones. An interesting or fresh piece will be cherished and maybe even provide a fun topic to talk about with friends or strangers alike. A family crest or bracelet drawn with flecks of your personal heritage would be solely yours. Instead of an entire face, consider an eye with its intricate beauty. Let your mind run free and scores of ideas will come to you, one of them being perfect for the tattoo at hand.


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If you can think of it, Inkaholik Tattoos can design and draw it. With two locations in sunny Miami, Florida, their talented artists are waiting to give you a tattoo you will be sure to love. You can find photos of some of their masterpieces on their website. The quality of their art, color, and ideas are instantly apparent. It’s obvious they love what they do and not only strive but succeed, at being some of the best. Aside from amazing tattoos they specialize in piercings and have a shop for all your tattoo and piercing needs.

Large, small, meaningful, or whimsical, Inkaholik can provide the art you want with unparalleled quality. To get more small tattoos ideas and special pricing follows us on our Facebook page and Instagram account.