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Cover Up Tattoos

Things to Consider When Getting a Cover Up Tattoo

Are you embarrassed by that unicorn tattoo you got back in college? Or perhaps the girlfriend whose name you inked on your chest three years ago is now an “ex” girlfriend?

Don’t worry, you’re not alone.

With so many folks getting inked these days and so many tattoo artists out there—each with widely varying skills—it’s not surprising that more than a few people are bummed over an old tat. Fortunately, tattoo artistry has advanced so much in recent years, it’s easier than ever to get rid of that unwanted ink with a cover up tattoo.

Unless you’re wealthy and don’t mind dozens of painful sessions at a doctor’s office, laser tattoo removal is likely the last resort for getting rid of old designs. Instead, find a skilled tattoo artist who can hide the old ink with a cover-up. The award-winning artists at INKAHOLIK Tattoos specialize in cover ups and are sure to provide you with a design you’ll love.

What You Should Know About Cover Ups

There are some important facts you should know before getting a cover up. Many people don’t realize that to successfully hide an old tattoo, the cover up has to be larger than the first. This is because you’re not covering the old ink with the exact same design, you’re trying to disguise it with something new. So, by simple necessity, the cover up will be larger and typically more complex. In fact, many cover ups don’t totally hide the old design, but simply build upon the first with new elements and images.

The color of your old tattoo also plays a key role. Obviously, darker colors and bold lines are going to be more challenging to disguise, while designs with lighter colors, no outlines, and fewer dark elements will be easiest. Tats that contain large areas of totally filled-in black ink will be the most challenging, and in this case, your artist may recommend you have the old one faded first.

That said, a highly skilled artist can work with tattoos of nearly any size, color, and shape to produce a successful and beautiful piece that will be both effective and aesthetically pleasing.

Ways to Ensure You Get the Best Cover Up

Outside of choosing a highly experienced artist, there are several other things to take into consideration before getting a new piece:

Schedule a Consultation: Consult with your artist first to pick a suitable design and find out exactly what is—and is not—possible with a cover up. Based on their experience and expertise, your artist will recommend a wide range of realistic options.

Stay Flexible: It’s important to keep an open mind when it comes to cover ups. After all, the artist is not working with a blank canvas anymore, so there are certain things that are just not feasible. Trust your artist to help you choose a successful design, even if it’s not the one you initially planned.

Think Intricately: While all tats are unique, when it comes to cover-ups, there are certain design elements that work best. Complex designs with lots of intricate detail, dark colors, and ample shading often make the most effective works.

Once you’ve decided to get a cover up, contact the artists at INKAHOLIK Tattoos to give you a new design that you’ll be proud of for a lifetime.

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