A Hand Tattoo Guide for Ladies: 10 Designs from Wholistic to Realistic

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A Hand Tattoo Guide for Ladies

Tattoos have come a long way from the sailor’s hand tattoo. Women are getting hand tattoos in colors, designs, and sizes that suit their personality and sense of style. The hand tattoos women choose to wear can say a lot about their personality and sense of style. for ladies that unafraid to show their love of ink to the world, a hand tattoo is a great choice. From full color to black and gray; realistic to the surreal, whole hand tattoo design to tiny tattoos, the 10 hand tattoo designs for women in this collection show what is possible with a skilled tattoo artist and such a prominent canvas.

Hand Tattoos Ideas For Girls

Hand tattoos are a bold choice for women, but they can be so beautiful. The hand is such an elegant canvas and there are endless design possibilities. Hand Tattoos For Women Can Make A Powerful Statement And Are Both Feminine And Stunning

The hand tattoo designs in this collection range from small to large, black & grey to color, realistic to the surreal. There are so many different hand tattoos for women, no matter what your style is. We will also cover some basic questions you may be before getting your own art piece.

Are hand tattoos painful?

That is typically the first question that comes to mind when people think about getting a tattoo. While the hand is not one of the most painful places to get inked, it can be intense and for some even cause their eyes to water! However, as you prepare yourself mentally for pain (and aftercare), remember that your experience will also depend on how well your artist works with you throughout the process. Most people find the most pain happens right after they get inked, but it can depend on what part of your hand you are getting tattooed.

Hand tattoos are powerful and beautiful. If this is a piece that speaks to you, then don’t wait! Whether it’s for yourself or as a gift to someone special, go ahead and get started on your next piece.

These are the most common hand tattoo designs for women

  • Tribal Tattoo
  • Rose Hand Tattoo or Flower Hand Tattoo (These are extremely popular)
  • Crescent Moon Tattoo
  • Butterfly Hand Tattoo
  • Infinity Symbols
  • Dreamcatcher
  • Letters
  • Gypsy
  • Elephant Hand Tattoo
  • Skull Hand Tattoo
  • Feather Tattoo
  • Tiny tattoo
  • Moon Tattoos
  • Bracelet Hand Tattoo

The list could go on and on but you are mentioning the most popular styles.

Creative and Cute Ideas for Women

Hand Tattoo Meaning

Hand tattoos hold a lot of meaning and memories. The hand is such an intense part of the body that when you get inked there; it means something very specific to you.

Some people choose their hand for its shape, size, or aesthetic value while others may look at more symbolic reasons like what would be best displayed on your dominant (writing) hand or your non-dominant (non-writing) hand. It could also be interpreted as a rebellious act or a way to showcase your independence.

If you don’t already have a clear idea about what your hand tattoo means, think deeply about what it is that speaks to you or why you might choose this part of your body for such an intense piece.

You may be wondering what some of the most popular hand tattoos for women mean?

A heart on one (or both) hands is generally meant as a sign of love and devotion to someone special. Whether it’s an ex-lover, child, spouse, sibling; hearts can represent deep love for another person.

Hooking hearts are intimate and represent the bond between two people. A hand with one heart could mean you love someone, but having both hands covered in hooking hearts means there is no limit to your love; it’s endless.

Stars on either side of a wrist or on each palm can also be popular. These signify hope or guidance. You may also see stars placed on the top of a hand, behind the ear, near your knuckles; these are all commonplace for star tattoos as well.

A butterfly is another popular design for women because it can represent many different things like transformation and change (both good and bad), beauty in the struggle, and the cycle of life.

A crescent moon is another popular design because it has so many different meanings like mystery, power, femininity, fertility (as in a mother), luck, and protection during travel or at sea.

Time-Lapse Video of a simple hand tattoo


The Next Step, Talk to you a tattoo artist

If you are thinking about getting a hand tattoo always consult with your local tattoo artist and draw out a few designs on your own hand using a marker. When you have it planned, let them know so they can create the exact image for you!

Take care of your tattoo and avoid washing or submerging it in water until it is fully healed which could take up to two weeks depending on placement.

Always use antibacterial soap and lukewarm water to clean the tattooed area while avoiding circular motions.

Do not pick at your skin or try to peel off any scabs. Let them fall away on their own in order for new tissue to grow underneath!

Avoid getting sunburned or tanning until fully healed (about two weeks). Sun can dry out your skin and damage the tattoo.

If you are itching, use a fragrance-free lotion to soothe it! Don’t scratch or pick at any dried-up ink because this could lead to scarring. If scabs come off while scratching just let them fall away naturally in order for new tissue to grow underneath.

Lastly, avoid any exercise or activity that causes a lot of sweating as this can irritate the tattoo.

You should also avoid going into any chlorinated pools, hot tubs, lakes, ponds, etc. until your hand is fully healed since water could soak underneath to where the open wound is and become infected! This includes taking a shower for two weeks if your tattoo is on your hand.

The best time to get a hand tattoo is after you have healed from a previous one! If you do not know when that last happened, it’s probably safer if you wait until then in order to avoid any potential infection or complications with healing.

Final Thoughts On Hand Tattoo Guide for Ladies

We covered the most popular designs of tattoos for girls, meanings, and how to care for your new ink.

There are many different types of tattoos that can be placed on one’s hands like stars representing hope or hearts representing love. It could also represent independence by having a non-dominant hand covered in ink! When considering what your next tattoo should be, always consult with your local tattoo shop and draw out a few designs on your own hand using a marker. When you have it planned, let them know so they can create the exact image for you!

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