Female Genital Piercing: Some Facts

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Female Genital Piercing

Some experts take issue with the term “vaginal piercings.” They note it is inaccurate. So for the sake of accuracy, we will use the phrase “female genital piercing” (FGP).

Top Two Female Genital Piercings For Additional Stimulation

2. The Triangle Piercing

The second most popular female genital piercing for added stimulation during sexual intercourse is the well-known triangle piercing. The only reason this takes second place is that statistically fewer females are actually built for this piercing choice. With this piercing, the woman’s clitoris adds stimulation from behind the lady’s clitoral shaft.

The feeling is similar to when one grinds her body against someone (or in some cases something). In essence, the pleasure is derived from the pressure of the pubic bone against the clitoris. The triangle allows women to get the same pleasure without having to push so hard.

And the winner is . . .

1. The VCH

The vertical clitoral hood or VCH piercing is the favorite when it comes to added sexual excitement. The piercing is done in such a way that the actual jewelry touches and/or even sits on the woman’s clitoris. During this piercing, the jewelry is underneath the hood that covers the woman’ clitoris thus enabling her to experience direct clitoral stimulation free of any type of manual intervention. Some women claim that getting the VCH piercing is all it takes to send them into the throes of orgasm while engaging in sexual intercourse even if they once otherwise required their lovers to give special attention to their clitorises.

Other Options

Outer labia piercings are another option for additional stimulation. Barbells or balls are put next to the hood where they will touch the clitoris.
Some women have a build that would accommodate the HCH or horizontal clitoral hood. Specifically, the clitoral glans must be exposed. In this case, an ornament (a ball, bead, or gem) is put on a ring that makes contact with the clitoris to add additional stimulation.

vaginal piercingOut Of Control Sexual Stimulation

Piercings of the clitoral hood won’t cause any embarrassing continuous stimulation during work or at the supermarket. They will, however, improve sex. Be warned though as some ladies do report experience additional stimulation when using some gym equipment early during the healing stage.

Success Stories

Even women who suffer from primary anorgasmia (meaning they have never experienced an orgasm), have reported success after having these piercings. The only factor that was not constant was the piercing. They had the same lovers and made no changes in their choice of sexual activity.

If you are the type of woman looking for as much sexual stimulation as possible from a genital piercing, consider both of the above choices. If you are suitably built, you can wear the jewelry both back and front. I could not finish this article without providing you an excellent sour of additional information from our friends at Wikipedia  In fact, if you’re interested in getting female genital piercing done, then please visit us at any one of our three Inkaholik tattoo and piercing studios in Miami for a safe and private environment.  For locations and hours of operation click here.