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small tattoo ideas

Have you ever wanted a tattoo, but were afraid of being too flashy?

Unfortunately, tattoos are still taboo to some people. Depending on your job, flashy tattoos might not even be allowed.

Luckily, there are still ways you can express yourself through tattoos and remain discrete at the same time. Small tattoos have become extremely popular in the past few years. Celebrities from Kylie Jenner to Vanessa Hudgens have been showing off their tiny tattoos hidden in discrete places, like the side of the finger, hip, or foot.

If you’re looking for inspiration for discrete tattoos, you’ve come to the right place. Here are some of the best places you can get tiny tattoos that won’t announce themselves to everyone you meet.

Discrete Tattoo1. Finger Tattoos

A very commonplace to get a discrete tattoo is the inside of your finger. From a short word to a simple leaf design, finger tattoos are easy to conceal with rings, gloves, or just by closing your hand.

2. Back of the Neck Tattoos

It might sound flashy, but the back of the neck is actually a very discrete place to get tattooed, especially if the design is small. You can cover this tattoo up with a necklace or just your hair, or show it off with an updo.

3. Inside of the Arm Tattoos

Arm tattoos are usually ostentatious. However, if you get a tattoo on the inside of your arm rather than the outside, it becomes very easy to hide whenever you want. Since we spend most of our time with our arms by our sides, this tattoo will rarely be seen unless you want it to be.

4. Hip Tattoos

The only time a hip tattoo might be ostentatious is at the beach. Otherwise, a hip tattoo is one of the easiest types of tattoos to conceal. This is a good place for longer script tattoos that wrap around your hip or form a spiral.

5. Spine Tattoos

Unless you’re wearing an open back shirt or dress, spine tattoos are almost always hidden. Designs that follow the natural curve and shadow of the spine are even more discrete.


Tiny Tattoo Design Ideas


Meaning full tattoo1. Cartoon character

If you have a cutesy style or just want to express your kid at heart, a small tattoo of a cartoon character or animal might be perfect for you. Hello Kitty, pandas, puppies, and other cute animals are popular choices. These tattoos are great for the inside of your arm, your hip, or your chest.

2. Meaningful word or phrase

If there’s a particular word or phrase that means something important to you, it can be highly meaningful to get it tattooed somewhere on your body. For a single word, the side of your finger or behind your ear is perfect, while longer phrases are best for your spine, hip, or arm.

3. Simple symbol

These discrete tattoos can often be completed in one short session and can be placed anywhere you like for a discrete reminder of something important to you. Popular simple tattoo designs are hearts, crosses, leaves, and butterflies. The great thing about this type of tattoo is that you can put it almost anywhere and it will still be much less noticeable than any other type of tattoo.

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