Body Parts Where Tattoos Change The Least With Age

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Body Parts Where Tattoos Change The Least With Age

Where to Get a Tattoo That Won’t Change with Age or Weight

Your tattoos have a special meaning and they were an investment that will last a lifetime. Unfortunately, tattoo goers are often nervous about the correlation between tattoos and aging. You’ve probably heard from different people before getting ink, “…but, what are those going to look like when you’re old?”. This might not be enough to persuade you to forgo tattooing altogether, but it sure is a puzzling question that causes you to wonder about specific placement and maintenance. In fact, certain tattoos age better and look better long-term in different areas of the body. Knowing the precise tattoo placement for beautiful longevity will provide you with a gorgeous tattoo you’ll always be proud to display.

Which Body Parts are Best for Tattoos?

With aging tattoos, you’ll want to go with a body part that has thinner skin or leaner muscle. If you were to gain weight in any area on your body, a tattoo that was placed, let’s say, on your hips would have more chance of stretching and becoming warped. Tattoos and aging or weight gain play an important role in how that ink looks over time. Try to place your tattoos in an area where you are least likely to gain the most weight or deal with skin sagging, such as the neck, upper back, hands, forearms, ankles, and feet. Most facial tattoos are long-lasting since we tend to take better care of the skin on our faces than any other body part.



It’s important before getting any tattoo to know what could happen in the future. Let’s face it, we won’t stay the same forever. Finding placement for tattoos that don’t stretch and aging tattoos can be important to how that ink looks 50 years from now. Just because you’re in the greatest shape of your life now and are committed to your fitness doesn’t mean that you won’t gain weight at some point years down the road. Both men and women deal with changing bodies throughout their lives, and you need to account for this before putting any tattoo on your body in order to keep it looking its best.

How to Keep Your Body Art Looking Great

The age of the tattoo and your lifestyle plays a huge role in how the ink looks on your skin years after it’s been placed. If you’re out in the sun a lot, don’t be surprised if your tattoos fade faster than is typical. To counteract this, apply sunscreen whenever you’re outside and limit direct exposure to the tattoo. Get in the habit of taking care of your skin by applying lotions and moisturizers so that aging and dryness are not a contributing factor to misshapen images. If you are gaining weight, such as through pregnancy, keep the area your tattoo is located moisturized at all times to prevent stretching. To avoid this challenge altogether, go with tattoos that don’t stretch on a body part that wouldn’t be entirely affected by weight gains, such as your calves or shoulders. You’ll also have to go for fewer touch-ups when you properly care for your ink.

Now that you the body parts where tattoos change the least with age, keep learning about tattoos in our blog.

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