The Art Behind Body Piercing

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The Art Behind Body Piercing


Body piercing is an artificial form of beauty. As simple as the piercings might appear on pictures or your friend, you need to take caution when deciding where and who will do your piercings. Like tattoo art, there are several forms of piercings you can do on different parts of your body. The piercings also come in different sizes, and the level of pain on each part of your body is different. If you want to get any piercing on the part of your body, you can visit any website that deals with piercing, and they might be able to help.

Reasons people get piercings

Piercing one’s body has been a common practice since the beginning of time. You might be surprised to know that beauty is not the only reason why someone might consider getting body piercing. Take, for example, Egyptian men in the ancient days used to pierce their navel and nipples as proof of manhood. They used the piercings to depict their ability to handle pain and as a sign of strength. Piercings also help distinguish you from society, and this act can be a sort of rebellion from various societal norms.

Also, piercing your body might be a form of cultural norms. People from India, often pierce their noses, and other parts of the body to embrace and appreciate their ancestral rites. Other people might decide to get a piercing to get the attention of others. These people often pierce certain parts of their body that they know will elicit a reaction from people in society. You might also decide to get a piercing to pay tribute to a particular event or a special person in your life. Finally, yet importantly, you can get a piercing to increase your beauty and concentrate on your body’s favorite parts.

Types of piercingsBody surface piercings

This is probably the most exciting part for any person considering getting any form of piercing. As mentioned above, there are specific reasons why people decide to get a piercing. There are also reasons you might choose to get a piercing on one part of the body and not the other. Now, let us delve deeper and identify several forms of piercings.

  • Ear Piercing:: This is the most common form of piercing amongst people. However, piercings can be on different parts of the ear. You can get it on the lobe, which is much safe and less painful; you can also pierce the conch and the conch orbital, the helix and the helix orbital, the daith, and snug/anti-helix, and so forth.
  • Facial piercings: This includes piercing the outer part of your face, nasal passage, or even mouth. Some common forms include the bridge of the nose, the Monroe, which runs from the upper lip to mouth, the septum, which pierces the soft tissue in the center of your nose. Others include lip rings, snakebites, among others.
  • Oral Piercings: These piercings are quite painful but heal quickly. You can enjoy having your piercing on your mouth in about four weeks. They include the tongue, tongue web or frenulum, the frowny, and the scrumper or smiley.
  • Body surface piercings: Besides the face, you can have piercings on every other part of the body such as the sternum/ cleavage, Nipple piercing, Nape, and the navel or belly button, a vampire bite, dermal anchors, and others.

When you decide to get any form of piercing, you need to do thorough research. It would help if you visited several body piercing studios, ask your friends for suggestions, and check out the work of these studios.

The Art Behind Body Piercing Conclusion

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