Gentle and Thorough: The Ultimate Tattoo Aftercare Guide

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Tattoo After Care

Gentle and Thorough:  The Ultimate Tattoo Aftercare Guide

You have finished your time in the tattoo artist’s chair. It is natural to wonder how to take care of your brand new art. Follow this tattoo aftercare guide to keep it looking great from day one and for a long time thereafter.

Bandage or Wrap

Your freshly-inked tattoo will be covered by a wrap or bandage. Your artist will instruct you as to when to remove this; leave it on for the full recommended duration. Depending on the ink and project, this time frame will vary. Some artists will advise you to leave the wrap on for as little as an hour; others will ask that the wrap stay on for a full day. Your tattoo artist is the best informed. Follow this advice.

Initial Washing

Once the time is up and you can remove your wrap or bandage, give it a thorough washing. Use care and wash with warm, not hot, water and a soap-free of scent and alcohol. This will remove excess blood that has dried on the surface as well as plasma. When you have washed completely and with care, pat the tattoo dry. Use a paper towel and dry the new tattoo with a gentle patting motion. Be sure to avoid a rubbing motion; patting is key.

Applying Lotion

Once the tattoo is clean and completely dry, apply lotion. This will be the tattoo aftercare lotion of your choice, not just any lotion. The layer of lotion should be extremely thin. This will encourage moisturization of the area while nourishing it.

Further Cleanings

Washing continues to be important until the tattoo has quite completed the process of peeling and scabbing. Until this point of healing, your fresh tattoo is not completely safe from bacteria and germs. Continue the process of washing until this point, which is generally between two to four weeks after the tattoo’s application.

Things to Avoid

While the temptation may be great to do so, do not pick at the skin while it flakes and scabs. Pulling at the healing tattoo can result in a delay in healing as well as increasing the likelihood of developing an infection. It can even cause fading of your new design. Another thing to avoid is the sun. Intense sunlight should be avoided. Do not apply sun lotion to the tattooed area until that spot has fully healed. Finally, avoid water. Anybody of water is a potential source of nasty bacteria. If you do not wish your new tattoo to be ruined, use caution. Until the area has healed fully, do not go swimming; when it comes to bathing habits, stick to brief showers.

Continued Care

For a tattoo with a long lifetime of crisp lines and fresh colors, look after the inked spot with continued care. Keep it thoroughly protected against sun exposure. Continue to moisturize the area on a regular basis. When your skin is healthy, your tattoo will look healthy.

The Key Stage: Initial Aftercare

There is no question that the most important time for dedicated aftercare is immediately upon the tattoo’s completion through the first few weeks. At this point, your skin’s top several layers should have healed completely. This time-frame contains the greatest risk of infection. A new tattoo can be ruined in appearance when the tattoo aftercare guide has directions that are not followed.

Before Leaving the Studio

Aftercare begins as soon as the tattoo has been completed. Upon viewing their completed work with satisfaction, your tattoo artist will gently wipe clean the area. This process involves water, mild soap, and probably some variety of antibacterial ointments. Be warned that this might sting. Upon cleaning the tattooed area, the artist will proceed to the wrapping stage. This bandage serves a dual purpose. It protects the area from the intrusion of bacteria and helps in preventing the tattoo from rubbing against things. The wrapping will generally be one of two types: a plastic material resembling cling film or a sterile dressing of cloth. Do not fret about which material you receive. They both effectively serve their purpose. The choice usually relies on the tattoo artist’s personal preference.

Removing the Bandage

The duration for which you should wear the bandage varies. Your artist may recommend anywhere between two and 24 hours. Generally, if you are able to promptly clean the tattoo upon wrap removal, you can safely remove the wrap after two or three hours. Your fresh tattoo should cease oozing heavily at this point. Be aware that it may ooze over a period of the next few days. Despite this general rule, some artists will advise you to sleep in the bandaging the first night of your tattoo. This is for the prevention of rubbing over the newly raw area. It also prevents still-oozing fluids from sticking to your bedsheets. Placement may also come into consideration for longer wrap-wearing durations. Tattoos likely to rub against another body part are often kept wrapped for the first night.

When the allotted time is completed, you can remove your wrap and present your brand new artwork for viewing. Do this with an emphasis on gentleness. Undo or be careful and cut through the medical tape, if any was used. If your wrap is of plastic, simply peel it away gently. It should not stick in the slightest. If your bandage was cloth, start to peel the material carefully away from your skin. If any part begins to pull or stick, run a bit of lukewarm water, soaking the bandage sufficiently for it to come away from the skin easily. For larger tattoos or those in awkward positions, you may want to remove the wrap in the shower.

Following the directions in this tattoo aftercare guide will ensure your tattoo comes out looking great. Emphasize gentle motions, thorough cleaning, patting dry, and applying the right amount of lotion afterward. After an investment in great art, you deserve for your tattoo to last a long time.

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