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Choosing the Right One for You

Tattoos are one of the rare things on this planet that are permanent. It’s something that will stick with you for the rest of your life so you better choose wisely. When most people head into a shop, they’ve already dreamed up an idea. They’ve chosen something that’s special to them, invokes a positive memory, or is perhaps a memorial to someone else. No matter what the reason, it’s something they want to display proudly on their body. One popular choice for ink is tattoo quotes.

Choosing the Right Quote

The beauty of quotes is that there are thousands to choose from. Different quotes hold different meanings for people. Some people choose a line from their favorite book, movie, or song. Others choose a quote that was said to them by a loved one. Tattoo quotes are wonderful because they hold such sentimental meaning. They’re a great way to honor your children, your spouse, or perhaps someone you love who has passed on.

Lettering TattoosChoosing Proper Placement

A quote tattoo can be as long or as short as you’d like. The number of words and lines in your tattoo will determine the best placement. For those choosing a longer passage or quote, the back is a perfect place to display all of that. If you’re just getting a few words, the inner arm, collarbone, or foot is a great location for placement. It also depends on the amount of privacy that you want. If you’re choosing a small and intimate quote that you don’t want to share with the world, choose a private spot. The rib cage or shoulder are great options and give you the freedom to show your tattoo when you want, depending on what you wear.


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The Right Script for Your Quote

One of the most important things you’ll decide when it comes to tattoo quotes is what kind of script to use. You can decide this by looking at what kind of meaning you are trying to convey. Your artist will be able to match you with a script that they think best conveys the meaning of your quote. There are loopy scripts which are perfect for romantic tattoos or remembrance tattoos. There are bold fonts that are perfect for short and choppy quotes. There are also typewriter fonts which are great for long-form quotes. Whatever you choose, just remember to choose the one that speaks to you since the art is going on your body.

Conclusion: Choose From the Heart

Overall, tattoo quotes are great because they are conversation pieces. They’re unique, sentimental, and great starter tattoos. All too often, people have regret over something that they quickly decided to get inked on their body. Quotes are one of those things that require a lot of thought and therefore, it’s surely something that will mean a lot to you for years to come. The best part about quotes is that they can be expanded on. In the years to come, you can add designs and pictures all around the quote. The quote can also be turned into an entire arm sleeve by simply making it grow throughout the years.

Tattoo Quotes Questions?

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