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Discreet Tattoos Ideas

Discreet Tattoos Equal The Perfect Touch And Mean So Much When it comes to the art of inking, sometimes discreet tattoos are strongly desired. The word “discreet” means something inconspicuous, subtle, unassuming, restrained, etc. There are moments we value those kinds

Best Love Tattoo Designs

Best Love Tattoo Designs

It has finally happened to you. Or maybe it’s happening again. Your knees are weak, cheeks are flushed and your heart beats to the hypnotic drums of love. You want the whole world to know. What better way to express

Small Tattoos Ideas

Small Tattoos Ideas Once considered taboo, odd, or criminal, tattoos have finally earned their rightful place as an accepted form of body art. Each piece can be an expression of self, a meaningful dedication to a loved one, or a brilliant

Enter to Win a Free Tattoo worth $1,000!

Have you ever seen beautiful, award-winning tattoos? Have you always wanted to have one done? There’s an opportunity waiting for you to win free tattoos. How could anyone pass up that opportunity? The best tattoo shop Miami has to offer,

cover up tattoos

Incredible Cover Up Tattoos Before and After

Incredible Cover Up Tattoos From Skilled Artists Tattoos reflect a person’s personality, life event, beloved person, or animal in their life. However, sometimes the sentiment for the tattoo changes as years go by. It may become an embarrassment, not as important,

New Kendall Location

Inkaholik Tattoos has added a new location in Kendall to better serve the Miami area’s lust for radical ink. Inkaholik calls the new location at 10855 SW 72nd Street “The Chapel.” One step inside will tell you why. With over 6000


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Body Piercing Art and Techniques

Body piercings are becoming increasingly popular in today’s world, going from the common ear piercing that many ladies as well as some men have, to the nose piercings, eye piercings, tongue piercings coupled with other part of the body you

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Inkaholik Kendall

Inkaholik Kendall Welcome to Inkaholik Tattoos home of The Church & The Chapel, Miami’s best tattoo, piercing & body art studios. Inkaholik Tattoos have different subsidiaries the church and the chapel. We have the church in west Miami and the chapel